17 Campervan Gifts that Every Van Owner Would Love to Get

17 Campervan Gifts that Every Van Owner Would Love to Get    | The holiday's are fast approaching and so I decided to put together a gift guide for the campervan owner. These gifts are perfect for the van owner in your life, or even for yourself. From cozy gifts to practical gifts, you’ll be sure to get them something they’d love to have with this gift guide! | shedreamsofalpine.com

Looking for some great campervan gifts to get your friend who just got their new van and is living the dream #vanlife? I can see why it might be a little hard to decide what to get them. For one, there’s not much space in a van, so you don’t want to get them something that will take up too much space. Second, what the heck do these hippies like anyway? Just teasing about the hippy thing (who likes labels anyways). We also own a van so we adhere to this hippy-van-life label from time to time. But for us it was an upgrade to sleeping in the back of our Jeep, so we can get up and out of the house for the weekend much quicker, and when we are spending those cold nights in the cold, we can be a little more comfortable. When you spend nearly all your free time outdoors, sometimes you crave a bit of comfort, and vans provide that for us while still allowing us to travel where we ant to. You can check our van out here.

I decided to put together a list of campervan gift ideas that either we love already (because we own them ourselves) and I think they would make excellent gifts for any of your friends or family members who own a van, OR they are campervan gifts we would LOVE to get (hint-hint family). These gifts could also work well as RV gift ideas. I’m going to break out my gifts for camper owners into 4 core sections:

  1. Warm and Cozy Camper Van Gifts

  2. Practical Van Life Gifts

  3. Just for Fun Campervan Presents

In the end, don’t stress out too much. If your campervan friend is anything like me, we are easily pleased. We enjoy the simple things in life. Sometimes a good gift for a campervan owner (especially those living out of their van full time) can be as simple as a gift card with money for groceries or restaurants. Give us a gift basket of delicious foods or our favorite bars… it doesn’t take much to please us.

warm and cozy campervan gifts

Cozy and Warm campervan accessories gift ideas.

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Part of the “van life” is learning how to deal with cold weather in the winter. Michael and I tend to chase the cold temps for better climbing temperatures, and we prefer a cold van for sleeping over a really warm and humid van. This is why I think warm and cozy gifts make great campervan gifts. I’ve listed 6 of my favorites below!

I love these adorable Rumpl down puffy blankets! You can easily pack them up and shove them into your extra space and bring them out when you need extra coziness in your life. They come in a bunch of fun colors, and another benefit is the blankets pack away really easily if the weather is warm enough and you don’t need them. They also add a nice extra layer of insulation if you are looking to add some layers to your bedding.

For those extra cold nights when your friends are hanging around in their van, they might just be dreaming of some nice down booties. Give the gift of warm feet and they might just love you for life. I’ve personally been wanting a pair of these for mountaineering (so I don’t have to slide my feet into cold frozen boots at night when nature calls), but I still haven’t invested yet. These are high on my wish list for this Christmas though, I may just buy them for myself! These would make a great campervan gifts because not only are they super stylish (ha!), but they are super warm (TRUE!) and cozy AF… I’ve tried many a pair on in the store, and have only heard good things from my mountaineering friends. It’s a bit of a luxury item, but why not!

Many people who have already owned a van for a while, may already have one of these (so be sure to check first), but if not, this indoor heater would make a great gift! This heater is made for small spaces and has an auto shut off if it is accidentally tipped over, if the pilot light goes out, or if it detects low oxygen levels.

I first bought a nice pair of fleece pants as a mid layer for colder mountaineering trips. I then found I loved wearing them anytime we were out in colder temps, particularly at night around camp. For the longest time Michael would make fun of my fleece pants, but then he got a pair and he was converted. This is a cozy van-life essential in my opinion.

Help your van friends stay warm by giving them the gift of 24 hour long heat. Whenever they whip up their favorite pot of coffee or some hot water for tea, they can put the drink in this thermos and enjoy for hours and hours. During the winter whenever we go bouldering we fill ours up with hot tea , hot chocolate, or coffee to enjoy the whole day of climbing. I wrote a post with some of my favorite boozy warm winter drinks that work great with this thermos!

I marked this one as my favorite because we LOVE our Pendelton blanket in the van. They are really beautiful wool blankets and they do a great job adding a heavy layer of warmth to your bedding. We like to layer our bedding system with a sheet, down blanket and the Pendelton wool blanket on top to trap in the warmth. The twin size actually fits well on our van bed, but you could get away with full or queen size as well.

practical van gifts

My favorite practical campervan merchandise.

This is probably the section most of you were thinking of when you thought of campervan gifts. This is the stuff that is practical and awesome to have in your campervan arsenal! This of course is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it highlights a few of my favorite ideas.

Space saving kitchenware is key in van life! These collapsible measuring cups are awesome, and you can find more collapsible items online such as bowls, colanders, funnels, and more!

This one might not be intuitive, but I think could make for a great surprise gift for any van-goer. It’s more of an “in-case-of-emergencies” item, that they could keep in their van if for some reason (let’s just say for example) they get stranded in the middle of nowhere and have to abandon their van to walk on foot. At least they’d have a quick and easy way to filter water if they are going into survival mode. This thing is also pretty lightweight and can fit into small spaces.

When you are spending weeks at a time off the grid (or away from the amenities of normal life), sometimes it’s nice to have the ability to wash a few things. This portable clothes washing bag gives you that option for when you are on the go and it doesn’t take up too much space. It would make a great campervan gift!

This is another one of those nice-to-have emergency items. Many van-goers may have jumper cables already, but this set up allows you to self-jump your own vehicle. I’ve gotten myself into a few pickles when I’ve gone off hiking in less popular areas and had the unfortunate event of my car battery dying with no one to give me a jump. Ever since then, I’ve always carried one of these in my car. Now we have a bit more peace of mind when we head off the beaten path a bit.

I can’t personally vouch for this item (yet) because I haven’t tested it out, BUT I can say we have it added to our Christmas wishlist. We do a lot of blog work while on the road and I end up doing quite a bit of tethering on my phone. Cell phone signal booster is a big wish list item for me, particularly since we drive through some low cell signal areas. I think this would make a great van gift, particularly if your van friends or family members are also digital nomads.


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In our van we opted against fussing with all the electrical wiring and kept things pretty simple. Thats why the goal zero yeti is top of our list of upgrades this year so we can have some portable power on the road. The great thing about these things is that you can plug them into your car while you drive and charge them up, or you can get some solar panels to work them as well. I’ve marked this as my favorite in the practical category, because (as a van-goer) it’s top of my wish list.

Towels take up a lot of space, so these compact microfiber towels make for a great, practical and space-saving campervan gift idea. Big fluffy towels are nice, but at the end of the day, I don’t mind sacrificing that so I can have a bit more room for clothes and other essentials.

just for fun van life gift ideas

My final 4 ideas for awesome camper van gift ideas!

These final van gift ideas may not have been the first things you had in mind when getting your campervan friend a gift, but I think they would make AWESOME gifts. Here’s why…

A US National Parks Pass would be a REALLY AWESOME gift. The passes cost about $80, but they give you access to all sites managed by the Forest Service, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation for a whole year. It’s worth the price if you or the hiker you’re shopping for does a lot of outdoor hiking and exploring in these areas. Otherwise entrance fees run about $20 per visit. After 4 visits, the pass has paid for itself. We buy one every year, and I think ever van-goer would love getting this gift!

I use this little iPhone tripod all the time, and it’s a great compact phone camera tripod It has moldable legs so it can adapt to a variety of surfaces or even wrap around things. I could see us using this even to watch movies from our phone in the van, or video phone calls with family. It’s been really handy for me, so I’m guessing your van-going friends might love it too!

If you really can’t determine what campervan presents might best, it’s always safe to get your friend an REI Gift Card as backup. You can choose the amount and can even go as low as $10. It’s a great option if you really don’t know what to get them, or they are the kind of person that seems like they “already own everything”. Trust me, I’ve never heard of anyone being sad about getting a gift card too REI. You can’t go wrong.

Hammocks would also make a fun unique gift idea for someone who owns a campervan. They can easily throw this into the back of their van, and when they get that epic campsite, they can set up a cozy reading or napping corning on some nearby trees.

I hope this gift guide has sparked some ideas for your campervan friends and family members (or maybe yourself)! If you have any questions or want any other suggestions, reach out to me in the comments below, and be sure to check out some of our other gear resources!

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