Part 2: 15 Climbing Holiday Gift Ideas

   15 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Rock Climbers   | The holiday's are fast approaching and so we decided to put together a gift guide based on products that I love. These gifts are perfect for the rock climber or boulderer in your life, or even for yourself. The list includes practical items every climber needs including chalk and hand balm, to some unique items like books and hangboards. As a climber, I can vouch for the products, i love them! Happy Holidays! |

Now for part 2 of the 2 part series, Climbing Holiday Gift Guide!

Arguably people have an even harder time understanding what their climbing relatives or friends would want for Christmas, and that is understandable. I mean, explaining a cam or a crashpad to someone who doesn't climb can get confusing. 

So below is a follow up list to my last post but on my 15 favorite holiday gift ideas for climbers. The great thing about a lot of these items is that, no climber can ever have enough of some things (like chalk or hand cream for example). Now, most, but not all of these items I own personally, I threw a few "new-to-me" items on there because they are actually on my wish list too! 


Note: The below post contains some affiliate links.

1) ClimbSkin Hand Repair Cream: I've been looking for that perfect hand repair cream, and for me that is something that will heal my hands but not be super greasy or "thick" feeling after I put it on. This is probably the best stuff I've found so far for that. It's fine to have a thicker hand cream on when you go to sleep, but sometimes when you just want some hand repair during the day, this is the go-to stuff. I love it! Michael keeps stealing this from me too, so I think he likes it also!

2) Friction Labs Gorilla Grip Chunky Chalk: This is my favorite climbing chalk. In my opinion, it just feels better than any other chalk that I've used. I feel like spiderwoman with this chalk (unless I'm in Bishop and have no skin left on my hands)... I'm converted. Gorilla Grip is my favorite combo too, "Chunky" but not "Overly Chunky". However, they do have different kinds as well if that suits you (or your friend) better, Fine Textured and Super Chunky.

3) Access Fund Membership: The access fund is committed to fighting and protecting our climbing areas to keep them open. Also, as an added benefit, there are many discounts that come with being a member including discounted friction labs chalk. Another good membership worth mentioning here is the American Alpine Club Membership. Besides supporting a great cause, one great benefit to the AAC membership is that you get $12,500 worth of rescue coverage in case you have to reach out to a rescue team in the mountains. 

4) The Power Company Training Programs: Recently I was looking for a training program I could follow easily without feeling like I had to create my own. I stumbled on the Power Company ebooks, and have been using The Boulder Better Program so far to train this year. I hope to write a post about it one of these days, but what I can say now is that it's really well done and simple to follow! They have all kinds of programs including Climb 5.12 and Advanced Finger Strength programs. Worth checking out.

5) Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses: I've always wanted a pair of these belay glasses, but they were always around $75, which felt way too expensive. Well for my birthday my sister-n-law sent me some birthday money and I decided I would bite the bullet and get some. TO MY GREAT DELIGHT, I found these! only $14 and they work great so far! 


6) Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center: This is hands down our favorite hang board that we have used so far to help build finger strength. And if you own The Rock Climbers Training Manual, then you'll find some hang board routines in there that compliment this hang board. Check out their site.

7) Book - The Push: A Climber's Journey of Endurance, Risk, and Going Beyond Limits: This is one of those items that I don't "own" yet, but have been wanting to read since it came out. Michael and I will be driving to Hueco Tanks at the end of this month so we plan to download it on audible to listen to on our drive!

8) Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights: This is another one of those items that we don't currently own, but I've been eyeing to get. This would be particularly helpful in lighting up boulders at night in the summertime when the best time to climb is in the evening. 

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9) ClimbSkin Double-sided Hand and Finger File: Finally a hand file that works! I've tried pumice and other such filing devices for sanding down my calloused hands after climbing, but this thing works the best so far... plus, its nice and small.

10) Friendly Foot Shoe Deodorizer and Disinfectant: Ok, no one likes smelly climbing shoes, but if you climb often, the stink is inevitable. This stuff is great!


11) Sublime Climbing Brush: This is a great little brush for cleaning holds and as an added bonus, there is a secret compartment... a good place to stash some lip balm.

12) Reel Rock Films: Michael and I go see the new Reel Rock Films every year when they tour in California. They are really great and super inspiring. One day I'd like to own all of them, but right now I think we only have the Valley Uprising Video. Regardless, any of these videos would make great gifts. We like to turn them on when we have friends over... a little climbing inspiration in the background while making dinner in our small apartment. 

13) Drawn to High Places Chalk BagI mentioned Drawn to High places (@drawntohighplaces on Instagram) in the last post, and I love all of her watercolor stuff. She is now even putting some of her prints on chalk bags! Again, hoping one day she will paint some of the peaks here in California, but until then, check out some of her gear! 

14) Book - Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing: Physical strength is only half the battle in climbing, I love that there are more and more books out there these days teaching us ways to train our minds.

15) Orbital Boulder Balm: I already mentioned ClimbSkin above as one of my favorite hand balms, but Orbital Boulder Balm is right up there with it! It's got a different feel and I generally like to use this stuff at night for longer restoration, while I'll use ClimbSkin during the day when I want to feel less greasy. The Orbital Balm comes in some great scent options as well. Check them out!

Hope your Christmas shopping goes painlessly, so you can spend more time doing what you love!



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