Live a life more strongly driven by curiosity than by fear
— Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

I'm a native born Texan who traded in her big state for big mountains. After my first outdoor climbing experience in my early 20's at Garden of the Gods in Colorado, I knew I needed to live within driving distance of the mountains, and so I left the prairie skies of Texas for the Sierra Nevadas in California. 

I've lived in California for 5 years now and haven't looked back. My family calls me a hippie, I eat avocados like the best of them, follow a primarily plant-based diet, say "stoked" from time-to-time, and my hair has even gotten a bit lighter since I've moved here. 

All that aside, it's the mountains and the people here that have really changed me. I was always an average athlete growing up, and I never envisioned much for myself in respects to adventuring, climbing, and exploring. All those things felt foreign and reservered for the ultra-athletes. However, when I got a taste for climbing in college, I wasn't able to shake the feeling that I needed to experience more of that. Then I met a few really awesome people who took me under their wing when I came to California. 

My very first trip was the popular hike in Yosemite up Half Dome. Then I met some friends at the climbing gym and did my first lead sport climb ever. From there I ended up joining a climbing club (in Utah ironically) where I learned even more about climbing, aid climbing, mountaineering, canyoneering, and so on. I love learning new things so I also like to go mountain biking and sailing from time to time. So needless to say, being outside has changed me immensely and has been an ongoing passion that I don't expect to ever quit. 

So who is this site for? It's for those of you who are continuously hungry to learn more and adventure often. Its' for those who aspire to get out of their comfort zones and do something they never imagined. I wanted to find a way to pay it forward, so to speak, as a thank you to all of those amazing friends I've met along the way who took me under their wing and showed me that there is no such thing as average. Life can be as exciting as you make it, and I've learned the mountains have a lot to teach you. 

I've got a lot of interests in life, so along with "adventure posts", you can expect posts here and there on other interesting topics related in some way or another to making an adventurous life possible, such as training, health and possibly even finances. 

Today, climbing has shown me a courageous, strong side of myself, a beautiful bravery. Other days I’ve seen pitiful weakness. I’ve watched myself crawl, belly-flat, across a mountainous landscape of fear. Climbing has shown me that I am all of these things: strong and weak, brave and cowardly, both immune to and at the mercy of the fear of death, all at the same time. Risk is the fee to learn these lessons. The cost is not negotiable. It is a price that, for now, I pay gladly.
— Steve House

My collaborator and partner is named Michael Auffant. He is an extremely talented photographer/videographer, and even more importantly a great friend and supporter. I often use a lot of his photography from our trips in these posts, and he is an integral source in a majority of my content on the blog, whether its taking photos, being my belay parter (for climbing), or enjoying a beer with me at camp after a hard day in the mountains. (Check him out at )

As much as we'd love to be mobile "vagabonders", riding around in a van, or sailing the deep blue sea, crag dog in tow, we've still got pesky student loans (and a lot of them) to pay off and so we stick to our weekend adventuring for now (but we still love this!). 

Our biggest goal right now is to be free of this debt, so if you dig the content of this site and want to support us, check out our support page for more details!