Outdoorsy women are badass. Hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing with confidence and being inspired by the outdoors.


It’s time to stop saying

“I Can’t” & step into your inner

outdoor badass.

You ARE brave enough, and You ARE badass. It’s time to stop saying, “I’ll slow everyone down” or, “I’m not in good enough shape”… and… “I’m not brave enough.”

Let’s kick those phrases to the curb sister. They aren’t doing you any favors.

Instead, let’s talk about how we can build your skills and hone your ability to become self-sufficient outdoors so you can master your mind and cultivate your inner outdoor badass.

Your Dream Adventures are waiting for you. If you’re ready to step into your courage, grab my Outdoor Adventure Starter Kit below. Together, we won’t just move mountains… we’ll summit them!


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Who Am I?

I’m just a normal girl from Texas who moved to California and fell head-over-heels for outdoor adventure. Now I’m passionate about teaching other women how to embrace their inner badass, train for epic adventures, and hone their physical and mental skills in the outdoors so that they can be as daring and adventurous as they dream of. Hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing are my sweet spots. Let me help you find yours!

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