Outdoorsy women are badass. Hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing with confidence and being inspired by the outdoors.


Hey there! I’m Allison

I'm an outdoor backpacking coach for women who are ready to kick their crippling fears to the curb, and step into a newer, more confident, self-sufficient, & strong identity through backpacking outdoors.

I personally believe that learning the skill of outdoor backpacking will have a ripple affect of confidence into the rest of your life.

And soon, there will be no adventure too big or to grand for you. You’ll have the skills, mental training, and strength to take on all of your biggest dreams.

Ready to get started?.

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I created an awesome Outdoor Adventure Starter Kit just for you (for FREE). It's filled with 15 pages of my best hiking, backpacking and rock climbing tips, techniques and inspiration to help you get started today on honing your outdoor adventure skills & ultimately becoming more confident and self-sufficient on the trails.

This free (and highly insightful) guide will help you kickstart your outdoor adventure journey so you'll be ready to hit the trails & mountains with absolute confidence and create a life bursting full of amazing adventures outdoors.

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