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An Everest Ridge First Attempt - Mt. Timpanogos, Utah

Last weekend I did something pretty out of my league, and it was awesome! Except that I can admit that it took me full circle to come back to that conclusion. I will explain later. I joined a club this year called Utah Climbing Club per my coworker's suggestion to help me achieve some awesome things and see some new amazing places. This was my first event I've been able to attend, Everest Ridge in Utah on Mt. Timpanogos.

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Ice Climbing in June Lake and Lee Vining, CA

You know the saying, "Getting there is half the battle" ? Well, I think with ice-climbing that this is definitely true. My climbing (rock) partner, Jim, and I got it in our heads late December that ice-climbing was a natural progression to the rock climbing we've been doing and decided to sign up for a ice-climbing 101 course in California just outside of Mammoth Lakes, Ca where I typically go skiing. It was amazing! I can't say that it really translated the same as rock climbing, but the whole weekend was just fantastic. I'm always amazed at how even the worst weeks can just completely seem to disappear when I am outside doing something bananas like this.

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