April Book Club Pick - The Last Season

Dream of the Alpine Book Club - April Book   -This is a virtual book club community for outdoor adventurers who also love to get lost in a great story or book. Each month we will vote on a book to read, something outdoor, adventure or wanderlust related and this space will be a place where we can connect to discuss our favorite parts of the books, favorite quotes, what the books inspired us to do, and more.

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Hi there,

Based on vote from the book club members on the Facebook group, this April we are going to be reading The Last Season. Looking forward to reading this one, especially since a lot of it takes place in my neck of the woods, the Sierra Nevada!

From Eric Blehm's website's description of the book: 

"The Last Season tells the true story of the life and disappearance of Randy Morgenson who, over the course of twenty-eight summers spent in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, became arguably the most celebrated ranger in the National Park Service’s most adventurous unit. For the solitary, introspective Morgenson, the job was a calling, and he became fiercely devoted to protecting the wilderness he loved from visitors—and those visitors from the wilderness. But the intense isolation and a series of personal setbacks took their toll, and when Morgenson vanished without a trace in 1996, many suspected suicide or foul play."

I have quick links to the book on amazon or audible below:

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