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My 5 Favorite Winter Climbing Areas in California

My 5 Favorite Winter Climbing Areas in California | Just as the summer months here in California are a great time for high altitude alpine climbing and hiking in the Sierra Nevada, the cold temperatures of the winter months make for some great lower elevation desert rock climbing! Whether you love to sport climb, trad climb, or boulder, I've listed 5 of my favorite areas to climb in California in the winter months, and there is a little bit of everything for every style of climber. Happy Sending! |

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Sandstone Crack and Tower Climbing in Utah's San Rafael Swell

Sometimes it's a little unmotivating to pick up and drive 10 hours just for a weekend trip down to Utah, but the Climbing Clubs plan was to climb at San Rafael Swell's Lightbulb Tower and I just couldn't miss it. I'm really interested in getting better at crack climbing because I'm really no good at it at all, and being good at crack climbing will be key to my trad climbing future. Also, I've never climbed a tower before and the chance to be like that commercial on TV was just too alluring.

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