Super Simple DIY Extendable Bouldering Stick Brush

Super Simple DIY Extendable Bouldering Stick Brush |  This post goes over how to make a quick and easy homemade extendable climbing brush to take with you next time you go bouldering. The tutorial is super simple, and this bouldering brush will make a fantastic addition to your rock climbing gear arsenal. |

If you’ve ever spent time at your local bouldering crag or climbing gym, you’re bound to have noticed that some boulderers carry around these long-extendable climbing sticks with brushes on the end of them. I’m not sure what the official term for them is, but we just call them stick brushes, basically, rock climbing brushes on a stick… or basically an extendable bouldering brush.

Why would you want a brush on a stick?

To brush those greasy holds that are just out of reach of course! So you can send sick bouldering problems… or flail on them, but at least if you have a bouldering brush with you, you can’t blame the greasy hold. You can blame the weather, the sharpness of the rock, the tenderness of your hands… you can blame how little you’ve been training lately… or that big breakfast burrito you ate before climbing, but you can’t blame the grease anymore. So one variable is removed, and we tend to like that. We have enough exuses already weighing us down for why we can or can’t send.

So while bouldering stick brushes may look a bit ridiculous, they’re extremely useful!

The funny thing is, there are SO MANY variations out there to make, and none of them are really… that great to be honest. So many of the climbing stick brushes out there require you to tape your brush to the extendable pole, and when that brush is done-for, you’ve got to un-do the whole mess.

Well, I’m happy to tell you, thanks to our buddy Carlos, we have a new DIY bouldering stick brush solution, and it’s so easy to make, there’s literally no more excuses to not make one.

We like this particular version of the extendable bouldering brush because:

  • It was super easy to make

  • No more messing with taping your bouldering brush to your extendable painters pole

  • You can interchange different climbing brushes in and out with ease.

I made a quick video below showing you what you need to make the brush and how to put it together in less than one minute. I have also detailed all the steps and tools we used to make it below.

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So here’s the best part, you can literally order everything you need straight from Amazon, to make it even simpler and easier on yourself. Also, in our tutorial we are featuring the Sublime Climbing Brush, because it’s one of our favorite brushes, but you can use any bouldering brush that you have available in this model.

The supplies you need to create this homemade extendable climbing brush.

So here’s what you’ll need for this homemade DIY extendable bouldering brush:

1) A Climbing Brush, like the Sublime Climbing Brush

2) An Extension Pole, like the Mr Longarm 9248 Twist-Lok Extension Pole

3) This Wooster Brush F6333 Lock Jaw Tool Holder

And to repeat the directions from the video, here are the super-simple step-by-step directions to put it all together:

  1. Receive your extendable climbing brush materials in the mail

  2. Unpack the boxes

  3. Take the lock jaw tool holder and screw it on top of the extension pole

  4. Insert brush into lock jaw tool holder

  5. Go climbing.

Super-simple bouldering brush!

Happy bouldering everyone! Hope you find this bouldering stick brush as useful as we do!

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