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  1. Hiking Challenges: As the new year gets started, I've been thinking about adding in a fun hiking challenge to my list of goals. Here's a list of some awesome hiking challenges that another blog put together on different hiking challenges.
  2. Blog Updates: We recently updated our income and resources page and it now includes a list of some of my favorite tools we like to use on the blog. 
  3. Interesting Article: Interesting article about bent trees...
  4. What I'm readingJohn Muir Wilderness Essays - I just started a virtual book club (details below) and we already have over 100 members! The first book on our list is John Muir's Wilderness Essays and I'm super excited to read it. I have a feeling it will be a good one, since I hold a special place in my heart for the Sierra Nevada.
  5. Most Popular Post 2017: The most popular post at She Dreams of Alpine Blog in 2017 - 15 Hiking and Backpacking Gift Ideas


Join the Book Club!

he Dreams of Alpine has started a book club! This is a virtual book club community for outdoor adventurers who also love to get lost in a great story or book. Each month we will vote on a book to read, something outdoor, adventure or wanderlust related and this space will be a place where we can connect to discuss our favorite parts of the books, favorite quotes, what the books inspired us to do, and more. The rules of the Book Club are simple: Read, Wine, Dream, Repeat. We will have threads each week to discuss the progress and discuss the book. We'd love to have you, Join the Dream of the Alpine Book Club Facebook Group! This month, January 2018, we are reading John Muir Wilderness Essays!