10 of Our Favorite Deals from Patagonia's Up to 50% Off Sale - Now till Sept 3!

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Patagonia is one of my favorite companies to purchase gear and clothing from. They are one of the few companies that really cares about the environment. Their gear and clothing is quality and they stand by that (they would rather you fix worn gear than replace it!), and after I read their book "Let my People Go Surfing", I have a whole new respect for the company and how it views growth and sustainability. The one downside is that with this quality and attention to sustainability, their gear can typically be pretty expensive. For me, it's usually worth the extra cost, but if you're on a tighter budget but still want to support companies like Patagonia, then you should really spend some time looking through their sale deals that are going on right now until September 3rd!

I don't typically send out these kind of emails, but earlier this week Michael and I got wind of Patagonia's up to 50% off sale, and we spent some time looking around their website to see what deals were available. After searching through the deals posted online, we ended up coming up with a list of favorites. In light of potentially saving you time (searching through the deals) and money (if you are looking to get good deals on gear) below we have listed our 10 favorite Patagonia sale deals.


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1) Patagonia Women's Down Sweater Jacket - I own one of these already and can say I love, love loveeee this jacket! For the summer time in California when you need a down jacket at camp high in the mountains, or on top of a summit, this jacket is perfect and super warm! I don't hit the trails without it! Typically $229 for as low as $137 on select colors.

2) Patagonia Women's Capilene Lightweight Crew - I used to wear tank tops when I would go hiking or backpacking, but as I've gotten a bit older I've started realizing how important sun protection is. I bought one of these last year and I seriously wear it all the time. It's long sleeve, but even in the summer I don't find it too uncomfortable to wear. I love this thing. Typically around $50, they have it on sale for $34! Seriously a good deal.

3) Patagonia Women's Fitz Roy Down Jacket - Winter is coming... I bought Michael one of these Fit's Roy Down Jackets a couple years ago because he didn't have a thick, "survival" down jacket and it was on a similar sale as this one. It's awesome! If you do a lot of camping, bouldering, or just generally hanging out outside in the winter, a big cozy down jacket is going to be one of your favorite investments. Get it while it's on sale and you'll have the thing forever. I love to be warm and cozy, and these things are the best. A bit more heavy duty than the down sweater that I mentioned above, and I use them more in the wintertime (where I use the down sweater more in the summer months). Typically $350, this is now on sale for $174.

4) Patagonia Women's Happy Hike Shorts - 4" - I just bought these and I love them! I just wore them for the first time on my hike up to Middle Palisade Glacier and I couldn't be happier. They were super comfortable, lightweight, dried quickly... basically perfect for summer. I wear pants a lot when I climb, but it was nice feeling a bit more free and breezy to hike in with these shorts. Typically $55, now on sale for $38.

5) Patagonia Women's RPS Rock Pants - Another recent purchase of mine that I've been loving are these RPS rock pants. I was looking for a pair of pants that I could not only hike in, but also do alpine climbing and bouldering in. These have been awesome so far! Typically $89, now on sale for down to $53 on select colors!


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Hey- Michael here! I know I typically stay behind the scenes here on She Dreams of Alpine, but Allison asked me to help out on the favorite mens deals going on, so here we go...

6) Patagonia Men's Venga Rock Pants - The Venga Rock pants are one of my favorite bouldering pants as well as great all around pants. They are highly abrasive resistant while being breathable, and their darted knee design makes for a comfortable natural fit. They are on the baggier side which if you are ok with will make great pants for those long approaches or short hikes, hell, you can even wear them to bed! Typically $89 with select colors down to $53.

7) Patagonia Men's Houdini Jacket - I do not personally have the Houdini jacket but I do own his big brother the Alpine Houdini which is an absolute dream when you are talking long strenuous trips where weight and layers are just as important. I mostly use mine for multi pitch days at the crag or wet and windy days. I have even used it as one of my preferred sailing jackets here in California! The Houdini will bring you the same amount of warmth, light weight construction and compact size but in a slightly thinner and breathable package. Typically $99, now with select colors around $59.

8) Patagonia Men's R1 Fleece Hoody - This fleece sweater is one of my most versatile Patagonia pieces, I can wear it with a shirt underneath at the airport or go commando with the zipper half down for cold but sweaty steep approach hikes or alpine days. At the end of the day you can easily throw layers upon layers on top of this thin yet extremely warm and breathable fleece when the sun drops and the cold creeps in. Typically $159, now with select colors around $95.

9) Patagonia Men's Mahnya Fleece Pants - These fleece pants are currently my number one favorite Patagonia item! I wanted a comfortable, end of a hard climbing day veg out pair of pants for camp and sleeping. The incredibly soft fabric and adjustable stretchy waist band made these slimmer pants feel like I was wearing a parachute, and I love them! Typically $79, now $55.

10) Patagonia Men's Down Sweater Jacket - This jacket is my favorite Patagonia jacket. This jacket is incredible at keeping you warm and it feels extremely light while doing just that. One of my favorite things about it has to be the way it protects you from the wind which if you camp outdoors a lot you know that having great windproof gear is the difference between being miserable and enjoying yourself. Let's not forget that what makes Patagonia great is the responsible ways in which they run their business such as using traceable down for jackets like these, paving the way and setting an example for other companies to follow. Typically $229, now down to $160.

Hope you find some good deals! See you outside.


Allison - She Dreams of Alpine

**For full disclosure, the links above are affiliate links. That means if you purchase something, we make a small commission at no added cost to you. Patagonia has been one of our biggest brand partners since starting the She Dreams of Alpine blog, and your Patagonia purchases help us support running the blog and our big ambitious goal to pay off student loan debt. Michael and I have decided to have a big focus on tackling our student loan debt by combining finances, looking for creative sources of additional income, and living more frugally... and this is one way to support us. So thank you, in advance, for your support!

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